Sunday, August 16, 2009


Today was a good day. Sunday school went OK. I was trying to introduce the kids to the 12 Apostles. We had an addition in the class today. Little Shawn, he's about 1 - cute as can be and loves to eat what he wants and do what he wants (imagine that) Melinda (his grandma) was in there with him. She is trying to get him used to being in a school or structured type environment so he will be able to manage in the school system. Initially, we colored a Bible pictures for Nick - he's in the army- and then we had our Bible story time. Luke has a real hard time sitting for the 5 min and paying attention. He wants to lay all over the floor. I seem to have taken on the responsibility to see that he sits up and pays attention to the Bible study. I could, in theory, let him lay on the floor quietly and maybe get some knowledge, maybe not. I guess I just can't do it, so I sit his little self next to me, with my arm around him, encouraging him that he is 5 now and can sit and pay attention. He goes limp, being so forlorn ... suffering so. We moved along in the study, I explained the story, drawing attention to the pictures, calling the children's names individually as I taught. Little Sarah, God bless her sweet heart. I'm not sure how much she gets. Besides the hugs and back rubs. Joseph is busy trying to keep Luke in order, I'm not sure how much he is able to get. After I read the story I asked a few questions and actually got answers from Luke and Jo. Sarah answered "God" and that was fine with me. But the cool thing was Luke actually gave real live answers. Awesome.
Then in church today Pastor Robert read all of Psalm 119. That has about 145 verses. It was really good to sit and listen to God's Word being read. That was a long reading but Pastor Wright did a good job. As I was listening to it, I was thinking I should read that every day. Then after Pastor Wright talked, the Gideon got up and told us a moving story of how a particular Gideon Bible had changed several lives.

That was the morning. Then in the afternoon - after a 45 min nap - we made some spaghetti and headed over to the Sawyers and saw Mitchell, although he is still recovering, I think he is looking great. But we can safely say he was not impressed with the Marines. He said it's OK if you are well, but if you are at all not 100% there is absolutely no mercy and even worse then that they are harder and meaner.

We have a busy week ahead of us. Monday I have to get caught up on Laundry,
Tuesday we take Benjamin to Liberty, Wednesday, I take Elisa to get her drivers licence and that evening we celebrate Sarah O'Malley's birthday dinner with her and her family, Thursday is tea with Carol and Alex. Friday, I meet Kathy, Tammy Densfrie's mom, and I'm going to show her the Ye Old Bookstore and then we will get some coffee. I don't know about Saturday yet but we'll see what happens. It's busy, but I love it.

Now with a glass of wine, I sit and write on my blog and somewhat
watch the movie Air Force One. Glad to be home.

The center piece for Elisa's 18th birthday brunch

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