Monday, August 17, 2009

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD. Psalm 1:24

Today had been another good day. My mood is lethargic so I'm not on top of my game. BUT, I did get my ironing done today. I will be perfectly honest with you and tell you I put 3/4 of the shirts back in the dryer to reduce the wrinkling. There were at least 10 in the dryer shirts and I SO didn't want to iron them. Now I have taken them out of the dryer and they are marginally wrinkle free and hanging on hangers - good enough.

I have been tired and sleepy all day. It's your basic hormone issues. Hormones are really interesting. God is amazing how he puts all these chemicals together and then they have tremendous effects on every aspect of our life. So, a little tired.

The weather today has been warm and wet. I think we got 2 inches in about hour. It was a lot, it really came down. It even hailed. btw, have you ever studied hail and how when a rain drop falls from the cloud the air pressure sends the drop back up into the cold where it drops in temperature and then freezes and then that little rain drop falls again as a little ice crystal adding a bit more rain drop to it as it starts to fall to the ground but because of the air pressure it keeps being sent back up and then falling a bit until the air pressure sends it back up until finally the weight of the ice is greater then the air pressure that keeps it in the freezing cycle and it fall to the ground. I learned that on The Magic School Bus show.

We listened to a bit of Dave Ramsey today. It's always encouraging to renew the truth.

We made some GREAT pizza tonight. In the end it was good but the process was long and wrought with failure. But, we had fun. Benjamin and I were following a pizza dough recipe from Kimberly that they make all the time, with great success. We on the other hand made chicken food. The problem was my food processor, I had no idea how hard it was working although it did bounce around on the counter like an ADD kid trying to sit in story time. By the time 10 very busy, struggling min. were over we took the lid off and the dough was so hot it was almost to hot to touch. Benjamin and I being the eternal optimist had hope that just maybe it was still good and would rise but after an hour the ball of dense, stiff dough laid still on the bottom of the bowl. I flattened it and baked it and then gave it to the chickens.
Our good news was that Elisa had been making dough for bread sticks and even though she had them formed and sitting pretty in the pan waiting to be baked she gave them to the dinner cause and we turned them into pizza crusts.
Elisa made pepperoni and I made chicken with olives, spinach, tomatoes and cheese ... mmm.. good!!

Tomorrow we take Benjamin to Liberty and I can honestly tell you I am ready for him to go. Not because I won't miss him but because it's right. He's not a little boy or even a young boy he is man, strong and determined. We will continue to pray that he will stay strong, you pray too. But, I feel confident that he is going to be OK. I'm also confident that he will stay in touch with us, cause, that too, is the right thing to do.
We are going to get him there early, get him all settled, take lots of pictures, take him to dinner and then hug him and leave. I have a feeling it will be sad to leave him but at the same time very exciting. He is going forward, He is doing a good job. He is accepting responsibility for his future and doing what he need to do to make it a good one. So, I'm pretty proud of him.

Now we are watching yet another violent show - the Matrix. Don calls them action movies.
I'm sitting next to Don blogging, drinking a glass of wine and enjoying the evening.

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Elisa Mary said...

the pizza did turn out pretty good - if still somewhat a disaster (mine at least, not yours).

It will be exciting today! Benj is going on a new adventure. I'm so happy for him. :)

Good job getting all your ironing/drying done!

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