Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Creator of Heaven and Earth

You know what is so simple yet so essential? PH balance. Without it the fluid and chemical changes would not happen in our body. One of the reasons vinegar works to kill the infection of a sore throat is that the vinegar changes the PH balance in the throat environment and hence the infection dies due to lack of suitable living conditions. I wonder if we could somehow find a way to adjust our bodily PH just enough to thwart cancer.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One of my piles

Oh My ... what a mess. Here was one of my piles I had to get done the other day. It's full all kinds of little things I needed to decide about.

Here it is after I went through all that stuff.
One of the good things about waiting to go through your stuff is that a lot of it is out of date and you don't have to deal with it. :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pictures by Leesi

I am starting this new week. A lot of things to do and I have thanked God because I really do like being busy and working. It's unfortunate that most of my work is volunteer so there is no monetary reward BUT, God has given me a wonderful husband that is the one responsible for allowing me to do all the my volunteer work. Don and I are thankful that there is a steady stream of survey work, and that there are young men to help him - which by the way ... I don't know if those young men realize how blessed they are - not only do they get training at a marketable skill but they get paid too. Last week I got a lot done and this week doesn't look like it's going to be any different.

The weekend was a little more packed with activities then I hoped but I'm glad I did them all. On Friday night Don took me and Leesi (Elisa's new name, given to her by Auntie Phee) to the movies. Super fun being together. Went to a dumb movie, it's called 9. Wait till it comes out to the library. I loved the animation. That part was pretty cool. What folks can do with computers now. But, I can hardly even remember the point to the story. *yawn* I did get some good gardening planning going while I was sitting in the theater though.

The next morning, Saturday morning at around 5:30 AM Leesi and I were up and getting ready to head out the door at 6:00 AM to go to a women's conference. We met several ladies in Danville then headed to Roanoke, VA. I love driving with ladies. No one is surprised or aggravated when they hear ... "Can we stop soon? Bathroom break"

We had a lovely day. We had seats in the nose bleed section. The music was good and a few speakers stood out, like Stormie O'Martin - wow, she has an incredible testimony. She talked about prayer and forgiveness. We can all use more encouragement on that.
Amy Grant was a bit of a disappointment. I'm not sure but she seemed like she was on some kind of medication. She was making lots of mistakes and used foul language on stage.

The trip home was fun. We stopped at Pizza Hut - tortured the young male waiter. He was a good sport and seemed to enjoy the ride we took him on. It didn't hurt that we had 3 very pretty young women with us. Finally, a stop to Starbucks and back on our way home again - hard rain, dangerous roads, thank you Lord for taking us home.

Next day, Sunday morning. We got up early, we were going to meet Benjamin for breakfast and give him his IPOD touch before we went to church. That young man had his phone on vibrate and as we tried to call him - TO AWAKEN him he didn't hear a thing. So, we went to breakfast without him. I, not being shy, found a young man in his dorm that went and woke up Benjamin. Finally, just like Elisa said he would do, he came through the doors to the restaurant smiled at me, gave me a hug and I forgot all about the trouble he had caused. I couldn't help it, I am a sucker for a sweet smile.

Campus church was great. Good music, Colosseum style seating. Great message. It was about healing the body of Christ. If we would take the time to love on another the body would be SO strong. Plus, he talked about church history. It was a great church.

We went home, I worked on my BSF and then at 6:00 pm we were at the church with several other folks learning about apologetics. It was a basic 101 for the first night, but I got a page of notes and I am hoping we will learn more as the time goes on.

Finally, home - went to bed to late. Up this morning, late. And now I"m fooling around on the computer. I do have the laundry going though.

This week, Monday, housework call Ethan in the afternoon Tuesday, Auntie Phees then call Zackary, Wednesday BSF leadership, Thursday, BSF with Leesi and fun coffee shop time with the other ladies, then Friday - I think I'm off Friday. Which of course does not mean off, just means we'll see what happens.

Saturday, there is an old movie theater that is going to be showing several old timey movies. I can't wait to go to that.

Proverbs 14:1

The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's 9:24 pm and I'm writing on my blog. Glass of wine, listening to the Beatles.

I have spent about an hour fooling around with a widget to add a playlist to my blog. I put some songs on it, it worked but ... it was from songs on YouTube and they would pause to cue and I was not interested in that so now I'm trying to delete it. There now it is deleted.

We have had a heck of a busy week. One of the highlights was going to Auntie Phee's place.
Was that only last Tuesday? Elisa and I spent the afternoon with her. So fun. We got her set up on her own email acct. You'd a thought she had just won a million dollars, she was so happy.
It was like she felt she had something new to think about. She is determined to learn to type. So, on Tuesday morning we are going to go down to Apex and let her play on the laptop. Practice typing ect.
When we show up her face goes from dull and sullen to bright and happy. I don't think she is happy there but is trying to make the best of it. She says she has been put there till she dies. She is there cause she's really not able to be by herself. She thinks she can do everything - funny. It reminds me of a friend, her elderly mom is experiencing dementia - tough on the family but they are doing what they need to do to take care of her but the funny part is, as the elderly mom asks the same question for the 3rd or 4th time she also comments how some folks her age are experiencing memory problems and aren't they all glad she doesn't have that problem.
When we went to Auntie Phees we filled a basket, mom's Easter basket from Marianna, with tea bags, milk, sugar and mugs. I had made some biscuits so we took them too. She loved all that. Elisa used a Marianna towel to set the table and she set it out and it looked lovely. I think next time I'm going to bring a tea pot so we can have more then one cup.
I need to send out an email and ask folks to write an email to Auntie Phee. She has only received one email this week, mostly cause I haven't communicated with folks to let them know her address.

Another highlight although not a delightful one was my first week as a BSF discussion leader. I'm telling you that stupid reoccurring dream I have about trying to find my class but not being prepared came true - again. It's enough to aggravate a person. There were a series of mishaps, of course we worked through them all but not without frustration. I have had my first class - survived it and now we are on to this week.

Last week had a multitude of different things happen. Another thing is that Elisa did her tea party class with Keepers. I was very blessed by that. I got a lot of credit for her being so wonderful.
I have also been working on my Sunday school room. I got some things on the wall. I kind of like it. It's not perfect, not super cute. So, I'm not happy with it. It's good but not good enough. I have decided on how to make my pictorial time line. I am going to have the little kids color pictures of certain events, like creation, Noah, Moses Joshua and the wall then birth of Jesus, his death and Resurrection then a couple pictures of the New Testament church.
Today was my first day with the kids in the newly painted and pictured walls. Little Luke was the only little one in there he totally missed the whole change. New color on the walls? New pictures? After we pointed it out he had a sweet little face of interest. "oohh" Finally Joe showed up, he noticed it all right away. He was such a cutie, he came in late, had an impish grin and gave me a hug hello. I of course was totally charmed by his smile and just glad to see him.
Sunday school was just about a wash today. I didn't get to our lesson at all. I did go over the maps in on the wall. I showed them from the round globe to the flat wall map to the middle east map to the map of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas.
another Beatles song
I got about 1 min of Luke's attention. Then he was done. About the same for Joe. I could coral them and make them listen and I do sometimes but I watch their responses to see when I lose them. After that, I'm not sure how much I'm getting through to them.

On Thursday, after BSF - which by the way was so fun having Elisa there, we went to a new coffee place, of which I'm not a fan but we got a huge brownie for Lorie that has had horrible back problems. We went to her house and visited for a little while, I showed her the books I got from "the book store" that I want to cut pictures out of. (I got a wonderful book for Aubrey at the "book store")

Then on Saturday we went to a Christian camp and helped them build a dam in their beautiful creek so they could have baptisms. I helped fill sandbags, Don was the engineer offering sound advice for the building of the dam. I recognized all those years of dam building as a kid really paid off. My grandkids would have LOVED helping. but it was not to be.

Then on Saturday night we had a big treat, Benjamin came home for the weekend. Gosh, golly I loved it. We also had Hannah Gibson spending the night. Elisa and Hannah made Fajitas and we watched movies until ... I'm afraid to tell you ... 2:30 in the morning. Oh my. With church the next day too. It was a lovely weekend. After church today we had a group of young folks come over and eat hot dogs before they all headed off to the fair. It was our delight to have them. I think the fair was a grand success.

Now, for this next week coming up. Hmm. Monday- laundry, I think I call Ethan on Mondays.
Tuesday - Auntie Phee's in the morning and call Zackary in the afternoon (it's in my PDA) Wednesday - BSF leadership, Thursday - BSF then Elisa helps Lorie decorate the mantle at the coffee shop. Friday, mm ?? Saturday- church clean up and then Sunday - Stuart Graydon is starting his apologetics class, YAY!
That is the plan anyway. We will see how it plays out.

Keep Christina Mulner in your prayers - she is struggling with the results of having a non Christian biological father for her oldest daughter. She is having to deal with visitation ect. It's sad and I'm really praying about how the Lord can work this out.

Keep Benjamin and his math in your prayers. He is also asking for prayer regarding his scheduling of his time to be the most effective.

Beatles song

Benjamin's description of Analog vs digital

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

you will find rest for your souls

I had a wonderful time in Washington DC with Don, Benjamin and Elisa. We walked and walked. Whew! We were part of a culture changing march. Many, many people stood outside the capital and called to those inside to hear what we, the no longer silent, majority has to say. We do not want to enslave ourselves or our children and their children to social programs that will result in massive taxes. No thank you, we pay a lot now, what would it be if we had to pay that much more?

But, now I want to rest.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Job 40:12 Look at every proud man and humble him, crush the wicked where they stand.

I went to BSF today and I did a good job. I took Benjamin's advice, had all my stuff ready the night before. I got there on time - thank you God, had all the stuff I needed, thank you God.

I did have two embarrassing situations.

First, I forgot to turn off my phone - all of a sudden in the quiet room you hear Stevie Wonder singing "Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?" Instead of digging all in my purse cause who knows how long that would take I picked up my singing purse made a b-line to the door disturbing the whole class, and me saying "sorry oops I forgot" Of course after that I turned it off. The teaching leader was very kind and didn't glare at me.

About an hour later, my PDA goes off ... plan for dinner it beeps.
Oh my goodness!! I saw that sitting right in my purse so I was able to pull it right out and you know everyone was watching the new lady shut off her PDA and guess what was stuck to the PDA?? A pad and I don't mean a note pad. Oh my goodness!!!
I tried to handle it as tactfully as possible, acting as if I had everything under control but - come on - it was terrible.

I think they are short on discussion leaders so they will probably still keep me even though I had such a rough start.

Don't you feel sorry for me? I feel sorry for myself. Next time, phone and PDA silenced, pads tucked away in a zippered pouch.

Do you like the picture of the bluebells? Their flower symbolizes humility. (click for flower information)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

love ... believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

I'm not complaining just trying to sort out my life. I'm 50 years old, my constant occupation of child care is winding down quite quickly and I'm trying to adjust to the new normal. I'm so thankful that God gave us Elisa so that as we go through this transition we still have her bit of sunshine every day. I know that she too will be called to a life separate from Don and I but for now I really enjoy her company.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you

The past couple days have been busy. Why am I always so busy? I know why, it's Don's fault. Who else could be to blame for my troubles? Have I told you lately how wonderful Don is? He is my steady rock. I should call him Petra cause that means rock.

Went to a Bible study with Elisa tonight, not sure what I thought. The young couple were very friendly but I'm not sure of their Biblical mindset. The wife lead the Bible study while the husband was there. I kinda had a problem with that but I tried to keep an open mind cause women did all kinds of things in the New Testament. The genuine love of the Lord was evident in her words and in her actions. But then she referred to the big bang as how the creation was started. I first asked myself, she doesn't really mean that does she? As the evening went on I think she did. On the other hand I recognized her as a sister in Christ with a different belief then I do. I talked to Elisa about it and, of course, she had some really wise things to say. She wondered how a person could worship a god that did not create him or her. What authority would that god have in your life? He just, what? Made the big bang and let all the pieces come together. Randomly? Elisa said one of the things she loves most of about God is His magnificent creation. I second her remark. I love what God has done. I love that God is sovereign that He is bigger then the earth (earf) and all the parts of it. I love the detail He put into so many things, even the small cell and even smaller stuff. God is.
I think, if the Lord will direct this, that I would love to become friends with this young women. Maybe she and I can go over some scriptures together. You know, I didn't understand God's creation until some one showed me. So, maybe God will use me to tell her.

Other stuff I have been doing. I got a lot of my Sunday school stuff organized for this qtr. I went and visited my BSF leader. I had a great chat with her. She was very kind to this easily distracted sister and seemed to see success in me where as I don't really see it in myself.
I have the names of my ladies and they are old - like 50. I thought as I read through the list "man, my group is full of grandmas" then I realized AAHH!! they are my age. So, here I go with the grandmas again. I guess grandmas are people too.

The weather has been lovely even a bit chilly. I wore a jacket on my morning walk. That's why I changed my post.
Elisa made the BEST peanut butter cookies with a dollop of chocolate in the middle. It's a tough battle and I'm kind of losing.
I still have not figured out the camera batteries yet so when I do I will post pictures.

Colossians 1:15-17
15He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. 16For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. 17He is before all things, and in him all things hold together

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

It's cold today so I'm thinking about fall. When I considered what blog html to use I asked myself which one will take me the farthest. And, although not a very creative method I felt this one will be the most useful. So, until December I will have this blog design. Now you know, I'm sure you are so glad to come here to read that. BTW, I love my family SO much

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Our hope and our joy are in Christ

1 Peter 1

Because of his great mercy

he has given us a new birth to an ever-living hope

through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead

and to an inheritance kept in heaven for you

that can't be destroyed, corrupted, or changed.


Thank you Lord.

I see from a human stand point