Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God!

Yesterday was a good day. Don and I and Elisa were trying different cars at the lot. It took most of the day. I made some banana bread, Elisa made her terrific donuts mmm, and in the evening we drove over to the Austen's to give then the banana bread and the cookies Elisa made. Carol Austin's mom is dying. It's kind of a long process and it's tough to walk through but Carol and her family are amazing in their support and care of her mom. We brought treats over so she could put them in the freezer to serve when she gets visitors. We had a great time visiting. I think we all enjoy each others company. Carol and I have so much in common, Elisa and Alex do as well. We finally made it home and I fell into bed - headache had already started earlier in the day.

Today (Wednesday) has had it's ups and downs. It started with a terrible headache. I took to much medicine to solve the problem and then - naturally, I was nauseated from all the medicine and STILL had a headache. I found an interesting observation, I haven't really had headaches in a while but now, all of a sudden BAM! Pain shooting through my eye. I have noticed I have quit taking my new vitamins cause I was almost out of them (I have ordered more) I would take them sometimes trying to meter them - but I think that was a bad idea. I am going to try to be more faithful in my vitamin taking, maybe that will help.
My wonderful daughter, Kimberly ordered something for my headaches. I thought that was the most thoughtful thing. I didn't ask her to do it, she thought of me and my need and is blessing me by trying to help. I think she hit my love language, it's not exactly an act of service, and it's not the gift it's the fact that she thought of me. (And this is not any kind of message to anyone else and what I think they should do, it's just me enjoying my blessing and commenting on it.)

After I took to much medicine I went with Don to his BNI meeting. I would usually enjoy a social event geared to success and achievement but they had a wall mounted air conditioner and it was BLOWING COLD air on my head. And for some reason I felt the need to be a martyr and sit and suffer through it. Cold, hurting, nauseated and grumpy. Not very smart.

After the meeting Don dropped me off at my gynecologist office where I had my infrequent pap smear etc.. You know that was a good time. (I did enjoy reading the Birds and Blooms magazine while I waited.) Don drove the perspective new car to a mechanic to take a look at the engine. He gave Don a good report, which was encouraging. So, when I was done Don picked me up in the Taurus and we drove together to the lot. Don went in and with a wad of cash talked the price down several hundred dollars. Don was able to leave the bargaining table content that he was paying a fair price. Thanking God for His provision.

I was so glad Don decided we would get it. I really like the car. It's all the things we prayed for (except one) We prayed for good gas mileage, got that - lasting quality, all the indicators tell us it's so (you never really know), and I asked God if He would indulge my vanity and make it cute - but not silver or white. On this last point, this is where I conceded, I accepted a white car for two reasons. One, it's a car, get over it. And two, it's cute and sporty. Don looks really good driving in it. Kimberly said white is easy to take care of, being low maintenance that's always a plus. And I just didn't care that much any more, white just wasn't an issue. So, we are happily situated with a new car. It has cool things like 3 seat belts up front and 3 in the back. The back seat folds down so the trunk can extend into the car section. It has good speakers and it is clean. It's a 2002 which is really kind of old but it still looks amazingly good. Plus, it was in Don's price range, in fact below it. So we are happy campers.

I took the new car to Danville to get my prescription headache medicine. The cure all was going to be ... for 9 tablets ... $225. I did not get it. I did get the $11 prescription which is supposed to make you drowsy but I'm still waiting. It said alcohol will enhance effects ... oh yeah, you know what that means.

Now, I wish that supposed groggy medicine would take effect and knock me off my feet so I will sleep until my headache goes away. I found out from my Dr today that the headaches are a result in dramatic drops or sharp increases in hormone levels during my cycle. It can happen at any point of the month, it's just the extent of the drop that causes the imbalance. I guess as I get older and my body adjusts to shutting down the reproduction stage the levels can be erratic and extreme. yay.

Tomorrow is a busy day (no way). I'm getting my hair cut, BSF is coming up and then I'm going to meet Lori at the coffee shop, now that I have transportation - Yahoo!!


Kimberly said...

it's too bad the Austins are moving! Just as you all are becoming good friends...

You're so very welcome for the headache stuff.. I hope it helps. Keep taking those vitamins! It's always good to understand why the headache is happening, what's happening in your body. I hope the stuff I sent is awesome... no nausea.

Yay - on the car! post a picture.

Elisa Mary said...

I'm so glad you're head ache's are gone! Hope you enjoy your time with Lorie today! :)

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