Sunday, August 23, 2009

Psalm 33:5, "He loves righteousness and justice; The earth is full of the lovingkindness of the LORD."

A few highlights of the past few days.

A real highlight was when Daisy interviewed Papa. That was so much fun. Gathering all the info. A basic unit study. So fun. I hope, if Aubrey makes the cupcake she will send a picture of it.

Today we had the Joubert's over for lunch. I had a great visit with Julia. They have quite a history, been through a lot. It was interesting hearing about a lot of the history of several of the churches a lot of folks around here had gone to. Amazing actually. We visited for hours. It was great. Elisa was so thoughtful to clean up all the lunch so I could visit. Thank you Elisa.
We had a simple lunch of sloppy joes, wonderful bean/corn salad (Kimberly's recipe) with a touch of lime and I put cilantro on my portion but parsley on the rest.

Church was so fun today cause I got to take Ethan's notes to the guys. I had a blast with it. I had all their attention as I told them the story of how we received a little package from Ethan, so excited, opening it with anticipation, I continued, telling them how we saw the green strips of paper, taped together and then we read the note "Dear Daniel, Phil, James and Zander" I loved the smiles on there faces when they heard their names and it was all for them. They were really touched that Ethan would write to them. He drew pictures. Daniel was the one that recognized that the green strips of paper were probably a machete . We liked the picture of Daniel and everyone was impressed with how well Ethan wrote their names. That was a fun time.

Last night Don and I had a wonderful date. Don got out the map and a pair of dice, we rolled them and multiplied one die by the other, we came up with a two and a six, then we times ed it by 10 and we got 120. The 120 was the azimuth of our direction. We charted our course and drove an hour. It was a perfect summer evening. The sun was low on the horizon and it made the green almost shine. We passed beautiful fields, old farmhouses, old barns. I have been walking every evening and we found a small town park in the town of Hurdle Mills that we could walk as the sun set. It was a warm humid evening but still it was lovely. We also found the little country store that evening. We got a couple peaches and an ice cream - plus a 4 pk of old fashioned ginger ale for our guests today. Very lovely.


Don said...

Mary, someday when you are a published author your words will be famous to the world, right noe they are famous to me. I love your writing style, your words seem to flow with the story line. Keep up the good work. When will you get back to your book?? Summer is over. HaHa, lots of love Don

Anonymous said...

sounds lovely mother. miss you already :)

Erin Tuggle said...

Oh, that does sound so nice. I really enjoy Mrs Joubert company too! Your lunch sounds lovely. I'm glad that you all have a sweet weekend.

Kimberly said...

what a delightful date! fun fun!

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