Friday, August 28, 2009

Psalms 62:10 Trust not in oppression, and become not vain in robbery: if riches increase, set not your heart upon them. - (KJV)

Don and I had a wonderful night tonight. It was just the two of us - at home. Lovely.
Yesterday at Sam's I got some T bone steak, mmm We fried it with onions, olive oil. We had good bread and then, my favorite part ... we just opened a can of green beans and bought already made by Bob Evans, mash potatoes. Had it all very simple.
We listened to Glenn Beck talk about current events while we cooked. I don't know what tomorrow brings but I do know that I'm glad Don and I are trying to speak out and make an effect. Imagine telling our grand kids that we just sat by and let it all just happen, without us standing for what was right. I think of Henry (Prince Henry, more precisely) and what kind of tax structure is he going to have to deal with? Will the adults of his childhood stand for him or will we just be to busy or to ... whatever. I know Don and I have been "to busy" in the past and things have been able to get this far. So, I'm glad we are, although not enough I'm sure, trying to stand for what is right. I want to educate people on what socialism is. I don't think people realize what they are bargaining for when they get all this govt. intervention. Can't wait till we go to DC to stand with a bunch of folks and be part of history!!

Tomorrow we go to visit Benjamin. We are going to have lunch with him. We will take the new car- Yay!!

Busy weekend. I was supposed to have a quiet week but it didn't turn out that way. Oh well, maybe next week.


Kimberly said...

can't wait to hear about DC! good luck on the quiet week thing...

Elisa Mary said...

What a blessing for the kids to have a grandmother who is so thoughtful about their futures (and taxes!). I can't wait to have kids so you can be their grammy. :)

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