Thursday, August 20, 2009

Psalms 145:8, "The LORD is gracious, and full of compassion; slow to anger, and of great mercy.

It's been a whirlwind few days. This is quite a week. God is making a lot of changes in our lives. Fortunately I'm one to like a change - but not some change. One thing I like to keep the same is to have my kids near me. I'm glad Benjamin is only an hour or so away.

We had a lovely day on Tuesday taking Benjamin to Lynchburg to get settled in his dorm. I liked his place. The fellows were very friendly and helpful. I think they love the Lord there. It was fun being at Liberty because there was so much reflection of people's faith. I went into dorm rooms and they had posters about Christian bands and Christian thoughts. In the halls and on doors are references to the Word of God. The music was Christian too. I was loving it. I was with a whole group of people that were generally like minded with me. It was nice. I'm sure Satan is alive and well at Liberty, but more importantly Jesus is alive and well at Liberty. We saw the soccer and the football players practicing in the heat. We saw the stands that sometime this fall we will go see a football game with Benjamin.
There is a Barnes and Noble on campus right across from Benjamin's dorm. I saw on his fb that he had, on the same night the choice of listening to jazz or going and playing Frisbee with some folks. You know he loved that. I think he has found where he will be happy for at least a few years.

Yesterday was drivers license nightmare. With all the budget cuts from Raleigh we drove for hours, from shut down drivers license office, to closed office, to relocated office till we finally ran out of time. Elisa, who was sorely disappointed, went home without taking her drivers test.
We are going to try again today. We figured the way they hide the drivers license buildings is yet just another level of testing to see if you are worthy to get your drivers license.

Today and tomorrow will be wild as well. License today in Roxboro, at least 1/2 hour drive and then maybe if I'm lucky, coffee with Lynn at Main Street. Although, I almost cry when I go in there. Who is going to wait on me? I only like Benjamin. I would come and he would say "hello mother" I loved it.
Then should be home this evening. Tomorrow is coffee with Kathy. I'm showing her the cool Ye Old Bookstore.

Elisa and I love this song ... applies to many people we love

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Elisa Mary said...

I love that song! I posted it on my blog too.

aargh! that whole license thing was soo negative! hopefully all will work out ok today.

love you!

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