Saturday, August 29, 2009

Now the Lord is the Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 2 Cor. 3:17

This is the DeMoss center. It's big, beautiful and fully loaded with libraries, quiet learning centers, row after row of computers. It is fresh and new. It's as big as it looks and a person can get easily turned around in there. There is room after room for classes and Benjamin says that place is hopping with students during the week. He has a computer class in that building and a General Ed class, which is basically apologetics ect.. The building is right next to his dorm. He is in the residence hall number 22. He has classes in the Shilling Center (math) and he has a class across from the Demoss center in the B.R. Lakin religion building, he is studying O.T.
Diagonally across from Benjamin's dorm is the new Barnes and Noble that has the coffee shop where he drinks Starbucks and plays cards.

A map to show you the campus

We visited Benjamin today. He has his hair cut shorter. I will have pictures later when my batteries are charged. We had lunch in the Reber-Thomas dining hall (building number 63).
It's clean with a great variety of food. Lots of fresh vegetables available at the salad bar. All kinds of food, from Chinese to Italian to Mexican. There are hamburgers and ff. Just lots of choices. Sweets of all kinds. It's a happy place. The students seem happy. The workers were happy as well.

Overall I would say that it is a great place to learn. Of course ... and here it comes ... you have to choose to work cause there is a lot of fun going on. That might be a little tough for some souls that thrive on activity and people. But the opportunity for great success is there.

It was good to get a Benjamin hug and look at him. He looks good. He was warm and a great tour guide. We gave some homemade rice krispy treats to the R.A. (residence assistance) guys. They are the ones that are available to help the students with college life.

Finally, Don, Benjamin and I had some coffee together at the on campus Starbucks. It was a very pleasant afternoon. We gave Benj one final hug and then dropped him off at his dorm.

Driving home in our new car was very comfortable and delightful. We met Elisa in Danville, cause she was between engagements. We went to Wendy's for dinner. Then she went to her party and Don and I came home. It's been a lovely, calm evening. Right now, Don is watching some kind of "action flick" while I type away on my blog. Church tomorrow and a baptism at the Dan River. Can't wait for that, sound like it's going to be great.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Psalms 62:10 Trust not in oppression, and become not vain in robbery: if riches increase, set not your heart upon them. - (KJV)

Don and I had a wonderful night tonight. It was just the two of us - at home. Lovely.
Yesterday at Sam's I got some T bone steak, mmm We fried it with onions, olive oil. We had good bread and then, my favorite part ... we just opened a can of green beans and bought already made by Bob Evans, mash potatoes. Had it all very simple.
We listened to Glenn Beck talk about current events while we cooked. I don't know what tomorrow brings but I do know that I'm glad Don and I are trying to speak out and make an effect. Imagine telling our grand kids that we just sat by and let it all just happen, without us standing for what was right. I think of Henry (Prince Henry, more precisely) and what kind of tax structure is he going to have to deal with? Will the adults of his childhood stand for him or will we just be to busy or to ... whatever. I know Don and I have been "to busy" in the past and things have been able to get this far. So, I'm glad we are, although not enough I'm sure, trying to stand for what is right. I want to educate people on what socialism is. I don't think people realize what they are bargaining for when they get all this govt. intervention. Can't wait till we go to DC to stand with a bunch of folks and be part of history!!

Tomorrow we go to visit Benjamin. We are going to have lunch with him. We will take the new car- Yay!!

Busy weekend. I was supposed to have a quiet week but it didn't turn out that way. Oh well, maybe next week.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

1 John 3:1, "Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God..."

Benjamin and me

Benjamin took me out to a wonderful afternoon lunch . We had such a lovely time,
just being together. He spoiled me and I loved it.

You know who bugging me while I try to do my work.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God!

Yesterday was a good day. Don and I and Elisa were trying different cars at the lot. It took most of the day. I made some banana bread, Elisa made her terrific donuts mmm, and in the evening we drove over to the Austen's to give then the banana bread and the cookies Elisa made. Carol Austin's mom is dying. It's kind of a long process and it's tough to walk through but Carol and her family are amazing in their support and care of her mom. We brought treats over so she could put them in the freezer to serve when she gets visitors. We had a great time visiting. I think we all enjoy each others company. Carol and I have so much in common, Elisa and Alex do as well. We finally made it home and I fell into bed - headache had already started earlier in the day.

Today (Wednesday) has had it's ups and downs. It started with a terrible headache. I took to much medicine to solve the problem and then - naturally, I was nauseated from all the medicine and STILL had a headache. I found an interesting observation, I haven't really had headaches in a while but now, all of a sudden BAM! Pain shooting through my eye. I have noticed I have quit taking my new vitamins cause I was almost out of them (I have ordered more) I would take them sometimes trying to meter them - but I think that was a bad idea. I am going to try to be more faithful in my vitamin taking, maybe that will help.
My wonderful daughter, Kimberly ordered something for my headaches. I thought that was the most thoughtful thing. I didn't ask her to do it, she thought of me and my need and is blessing me by trying to help. I think she hit my love language, it's not exactly an act of service, and it's not the gift it's the fact that she thought of me. (And this is not any kind of message to anyone else and what I think they should do, it's just me enjoying my blessing and commenting on it.)

After I took to much medicine I went with Don to his BNI meeting. I would usually enjoy a social event geared to success and achievement but they had a wall mounted air conditioner and it was BLOWING COLD air on my head. And for some reason I felt the need to be a martyr and sit and suffer through it. Cold, hurting, nauseated and grumpy. Not very smart.

After the meeting Don dropped me off at my gynecologist office where I had my infrequent pap smear etc.. You know that was a good time. (I did enjoy reading the Birds and Blooms magazine while I waited.) Don drove the perspective new car to a mechanic to take a look at the engine. He gave Don a good report, which was encouraging. So, when I was done Don picked me up in the Taurus and we drove together to the lot. Don went in and with a wad of cash talked the price down several hundred dollars. Don was able to leave the bargaining table content that he was paying a fair price. Thanking God for His provision.

I was so glad Don decided we would get it. I really like the car. It's all the things we prayed for (except one) We prayed for good gas mileage, got that - lasting quality, all the indicators tell us it's so (you never really know), and I asked God if He would indulge my vanity and make it cute - but not silver or white. On this last point, this is where I conceded, I accepted a white car for two reasons. One, it's a car, get over it. And two, it's cute and sporty. Don looks really good driving in it. Kimberly said white is easy to take care of, being low maintenance that's always a plus. And I just didn't care that much any more, white just wasn't an issue. So, we are happily situated with a new car. It has cool things like 3 seat belts up front and 3 in the back. The back seat folds down so the trunk can extend into the car section. It has good speakers and it is clean. It's a 2002 which is really kind of old but it still looks amazingly good. Plus, it was in Don's price range, in fact below it. So we are happy campers.

I took the new car to Danville to get my prescription headache medicine. The cure all was going to be ... for 9 tablets ... $225. I did not get it. I did get the $11 prescription which is supposed to make you drowsy but I'm still waiting. It said alcohol will enhance effects ... oh yeah, you know what that means.

Now, I wish that supposed groggy medicine would take effect and knock me off my feet so I will sleep until my headache goes away. I found out from my Dr today that the headaches are a result in dramatic drops or sharp increases in hormone levels during my cycle. It can happen at any point of the month, it's just the extent of the drop that causes the imbalance. I guess as I get older and my body adjusts to shutting down the reproduction stage the levels can be erratic and extreme. yay.

Tomorrow is a busy day (no way). I'm getting my hair cut, BSF is coming up and then I'm going to meet Lori at the coffee shop, now that I have transportation - Yahoo!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Psalm 33:5, "He loves righteousness and justice; The earth is full of the lovingkindness of the LORD."

A few highlights of the past few days.

A real highlight was when Daisy interviewed Papa. That was so much fun. Gathering all the info. A basic unit study. So fun. I hope, if Aubrey makes the cupcake she will send a picture of it.

Today we had the Joubert's over for lunch. I had a great visit with Julia. They have quite a history, been through a lot. It was interesting hearing about a lot of the history of several of the churches a lot of folks around here had gone to. Amazing actually. We visited for hours. It was great. Elisa was so thoughtful to clean up all the lunch so I could visit. Thank you Elisa.
We had a simple lunch of sloppy joes, wonderful bean/corn salad (Kimberly's recipe) with a touch of lime and I put cilantro on my portion but parsley on the rest.

Church was so fun today cause I got to take Ethan's notes to the guys. I had a blast with it. I had all their attention as I told them the story of how we received a little package from Ethan, so excited, opening it with anticipation, I continued, telling them how we saw the green strips of paper, taped together and then we read the note "Dear Daniel, Phil, James and Zander" I loved the smiles on there faces when they heard their names and it was all for them. They were really touched that Ethan would write to them. He drew pictures. Daniel was the one that recognized that the green strips of paper were probably a machete . We liked the picture of Daniel and everyone was impressed with how well Ethan wrote their names. That was a fun time.

Last night Don and I had a wonderful date. Don got out the map and a pair of dice, we rolled them and multiplied one die by the other, we came up with a two and a six, then we times ed it by 10 and we got 120. The 120 was the azimuth of our direction. We charted our course and drove an hour. It was a perfect summer evening. The sun was low on the horizon and it made the green almost shine. We passed beautiful fields, old farmhouses, old barns. I have been walking every evening and we found a small town park in the town of Hurdle Mills that we could walk as the sun set. It was a warm humid evening but still it was lovely. We also found the little country store that evening. We got a couple peaches and an ice cream - plus a 4 pk of old fashioned ginger ale for our guests today. Very lovely.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Psalms 145:8, "The LORD is gracious, and full of compassion; slow to anger, and of great mercy.

It's been a whirlwind few days. This is quite a week. God is making a lot of changes in our lives. Fortunately I'm one to like a change - but not some change. One thing I like to keep the same is to have my kids near me. I'm glad Benjamin is only an hour or so away.

We had a lovely day on Tuesday taking Benjamin to Lynchburg to get settled in his dorm. I liked his place. The fellows were very friendly and helpful. I think they love the Lord there. It was fun being at Liberty because there was so much reflection of people's faith. I went into dorm rooms and they had posters about Christian bands and Christian thoughts. In the halls and on doors are references to the Word of God. The music was Christian too. I was loving it. I was with a whole group of people that were generally like minded with me. It was nice. I'm sure Satan is alive and well at Liberty, but more importantly Jesus is alive and well at Liberty. We saw the soccer and the football players practicing in the heat. We saw the stands that sometime this fall we will go see a football game with Benjamin.
There is a Barnes and Noble on campus right across from Benjamin's dorm. I saw on his fb that he had, on the same night the choice of listening to jazz or going and playing Frisbee with some folks. You know he loved that. I think he has found where he will be happy for at least a few years.

Yesterday was drivers license nightmare. With all the budget cuts from Raleigh we drove for hours, from shut down drivers license office, to closed office, to relocated office till we finally ran out of time. Elisa, who was sorely disappointed, went home without taking her drivers test.
We are going to try again today. We figured the way they hide the drivers license buildings is yet just another level of testing to see if you are worthy to get your drivers license.

Today and tomorrow will be wild as well. License today in Roxboro, at least 1/2 hour drive and then maybe if I'm lucky, coffee with Lynn at Main Street. Although, I almost cry when I go in there. Who is going to wait on me? I only like Benjamin. I would come and he would say "hello mother" I loved it.
Then should be home this evening. Tomorrow is coffee with Kathy. I'm showing her the cool Ye Old Bookstore.

Elisa and I love this song ... applies to many people we love

Monday, August 17, 2009

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD. Psalm 1:24

Today had been another good day. My mood is lethargic so I'm not on top of my game. BUT, I did get my ironing done today. I will be perfectly honest with you and tell you I put 3/4 of the shirts back in the dryer to reduce the wrinkling. There were at least 10 in the dryer shirts and I SO didn't want to iron them. Now I have taken them out of the dryer and they are marginally wrinkle free and hanging on hangers - good enough.

I have been tired and sleepy all day. It's your basic hormone issues. Hormones are really interesting. God is amazing how he puts all these chemicals together and then they have tremendous effects on every aspect of our life. So, a little tired.

The weather today has been warm and wet. I think we got 2 inches in about hour. It was a lot, it really came down. It even hailed. btw, have you ever studied hail and how when a rain drop falls from the cloud the air pressure sends the drop back up into the cold where it drops in temperature and then freezes and then that little rain drop falls again as a little ice crystal adding a bit more rain drop to it as it starts to fall to the ground but because of the air pressure it keeps being sent back up and then falling a bit until the air pressure sends it back up until finally the weight of the ice is greater then the air pressure that keeps it in the freezing cycle and it fall to the ground. I learned that on The Magic School Bus show.

We listened to a bit of Dave Ramsey today. It's always encouraging to renew the truth.

We made some GREAT pizza tonight. In the end it was good but the process was long and wrought with failure. But, we had fun. Benjamin and I were following a pizza dough recipe from Kimberly that they make all the time, with great success. We on the other hand made chicken food. The problem was my food processor, I had no idea how hard it was working although it did bounce around on the counter like an ADD kid trying to sit in story time. By the time 10 very busy, struggling min. were over we took the lid off and the dough was so hot it was almost to hot to touch. Benjamin and I being the eternal optimist had hope that just maybe it was still good and would rise but after an hour the ball of dense, stiff dough laid still on the bottom of the bowl. I flattened it and baked it and then gave it to the chickens.
Our good news was that Elisa had been making dough for bread sticks and even though she had them formed and sitting pretty in the pan waiting to be baked she gave them to the dinner cause and we turned them into pizza crusts.
Elisa made pepperoni and I made chicken with olives, spinach, tomatoes and cheese ... mmm.. good!!

Tomorrow we take Benjamin to Liberty and I can honestly tell you I am ready for him to go. Not because I won't miss him but because it's right. He's not a little boy or even a young boy he is man, strong and determined. We will continue to pray that he will stay strong, you pray too. But, I feel confident that he is going to be OK. I'm also confident that he will stay in touch with us, cause, that too, is the right thing to do.
We are going to get him there early, get him all settled, take lots of pictures, take him to dinner and then hug him and leave. I have a feeling it will be sad to leave him but at the same time very exciting. He is going forward, He is doing a good job. He is accepting responsibility for his future and doing what he need to do to make it a good one. So, I'm pretty proud of him.

Now we are watching yet another violent show - the Matrix. Don calls them action movies.
I'm sitting next to Don blogging, drinking a glass of wine and enjoying the evening.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Today was a good day. Sunday school went OK. I was trying to introduce the kids to the 12 Apostles. We had an addition in the class today. Little Shawn, he's about 1 - cute as can be and loves to eat what he wants and do what he wants (imagine that) Melinda (his grandma) was in there with him. She is trying to get him used to being in a school or structured type environment so he will be able to manage in the school system. Initially, we colored a Bible pictures for Nick - he's in the army- and then we had our Bible story time. Luke has a real hard time sitting for the 5 min and paying attention. He wants to lay all over the floor. I seem to have taken on the responsibility to see that he sits up and pays attention to the Bible study. I could, in theory, let him lay on the floor quietly and maybe get some knowledge, maybe not. I guess I just can't do it, so I sit his little self next to me, with my arm around him, encouraging him that he is 5 now and can sit and pay attention. He goes limp, being so forlorn ... suffering so. We moved along in the study, I explained the story, drawing attention to the pictures, calling the children's names individually as I taught. Little Sarah, God bless her sweet heart. I'm not sure how much she gets. Besides the hugs and back rubs. Joseph is busy trying to keep Luke in order, I'm not sure how much he is able to get. After I read the story I asked a few questions and actually got answers from Luke and Jo. Sarah answered "God" and that was fine with me. But the cool thing was Luke actually gave real live answers. Awesome.
Then in church today Pastor Robert read all of Psalm 119. That has about 145 verses. It was really good to sit and listen to God's Word being read. That was a long reading but Pastor Wright did a good job. As I was listening to it, I was thinking I should read that every day. Then after Pastor Wright talked, the Gideon got up and told us a moving story of how a particular Gideon Bible had changed several lives.

That was the morning. Then in the afternoon - after a 45 min nap - we made some spaghetti and headed over to the Sawyers and saw Mitchell, although he is still recovering, I think he is looking great. But we can safely say he was not impressed with the Marines. He said it's OK if you are well, but if you are at all not 100% there is absolutely no mercy and even worse then that they are harder and meaner.

We have a busy week ahead of us. Monday I have to get caught up on Laundry,
Tuesday we take Benjamin to Liberty, Wednesday, I take Elisa to get her drivers licence and that evening we celebrate Sarah O'Malley's birthday dinner with her and her family, Thursday is tea with Carol and Alex. Friday, I meet Kathy, Tammy Densfrie's mom, and I'm going to show her the Ye Old Bookstore and then we will get some coffee. I don't know about Saturday yet but we'll see what happens. It's busy, but I love it.

Now with a glass of wine, I sit and write on my blog and somewhat
watch the movie Air Force One. Glad to be home.

The center piece for Elisa's 18th birthday brunch
I'm sure you can tell I'm loving the blogger templates. I'm still looking for one that is more woodland but for now I will just enjoy this elaborate floral.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I remember this picture from my childhood. The Catholic church was so full of imagery. It made lasting impression on my mind. As a little girl I would be sitting in church, actively looking at the finery and the statues and the paintings. It did not detract from my love of God instead it helped me make it more relevant to my life, it made it more real rather then some abstract thought.

Carl Bloch, The Visitation

What is not to love about this picture? I saw pictures like this all the time. It shows joy, it's historical and it has an element of holiness to it.

I see from a human stand point