Monday, November 30, 2009

Jesus has a radical idea

Jesus gives a negative command:

"Do not work for food that perishes."

then positive a positive command:

"but (work) for food that last for eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you, because God the Father has set His seal on Him."

The question my BSF lesson asks is "Where in your life should you cease spending effort, energy, drive and ambition for that which spoils, so as to have energy and time for the eternal satisfaction God want yo give you? Try to determine specific ways to alter your life toward an eternal perspective."

I am inspired by that question. I know as a young mom my primary objective was to love my husband and family but as often as I could, I would just put the kids in the car and off we would go - doing one thing or another. But now with my kids basically able to care for themselves I have more mental space to consider others. It's really fun and I love it. I thank Don that I am able to go. It's his faithfulness to providing for our family that makes me able to go. So when I go, I go in his name as well cause without him I wouldn't be available.

I'm really thankful that Shelly Hendry, she lives in Bedford now, showed us what it looks like to serve others. Her ideas where so old fashioned, I didn't know people actually really did stuff like that. But as the Lord took us day by day, He confirmed that indeed we are to be ministers. I remember that at my church I wanted to be this great Bible study teacher, have profound thoughts to give "unto"others and the Lord told me plainly, the most profound thing I could do would be to love and serve the women of the church and the church not being just Blanch but whom ever the Lord had put in my life. I have loved Isaiah 58

Particularly verses 6 and 7 but over all the whole chapter. It has shown me the heart of the Lord. I want to love what He loves and He loves the poor and the downcast. I know I don't have to go to another country to find folks that need love. They are right here. Even in my own family. I like the perspective about starting your ministry of love with our own families.
 I know we all have our own "burdens" God puts on our hearts. Remembering that we are a body of Christ and some are the hands, the feet, the mind ect ... But the really fun thing is, the "burden" is not heavy but joyful. It's with a heart of joy I GET to serve as I do. In contrast if I were in the place of administration the burden would be heavy indeed. I, of course may be used at some point for administration but the Lord will enable if He requires it. At this point He has not enabled me for admin. and the proof is in the pudding. Instead, He has put on my heart a soft spot for the downtrodden. I have to say - of course, that I am not all I should be. Many undone opportunities, but if I approach it with the fruit of the Spirit then I will continue to have hope that I will be able to - be about my Father's business.


Jesus runs the journey for us ...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Family time

 Mary, Auntie Phee and cousin Suzanne

 Auntie Phee going over an old family cookie recipe with me.
Cousin Suzanne said the cookies turned out just like she remembered them. The old original recipe.

Benjamin and a very happy Auntie Phee. 

Friday, November 20, 2009

Beware of the pleasant view of the Fatherhood of God.

God is so loving and kind that of course He will forgive us.

That sentiment has no place whatever in the New Testament. The only ground on which God can forgive us is the tremendous tragedy of the Cross of Christ;
Oswald Chambers.

The forgiveness we are so quick to talk about and receive was not easy to provide. Oh that I would care to forgive people to the extent that I pay the cost and not them. Amazing. How many times do I declare that circumstances are not fair, people treated me wrongly, I have been hurt. And within that experience what if, not only did I forgive them but I did it in a way that was a great cost to me, like Jesus did? And my only motive? Love.
Wow! Imagine that idea.

 Sometimes the cost is very hard.
But in my life, it's never been this hard.
It seems so trite to say but

Thank you Jesus


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not that I don't have plenty to do, but tonight I am experimenting with my morning smoothie ingredients.

We had beets for dinner tonight. I steamed them till they were really soft, cause that's how we like them. I had sliced off the green tops and the ugly bottom part and as a result a lot of the beet juice leached from the beet into the water. We enjoyed our cooked soft beets. How much nutrition we got - I'm not sure. I figure minerals are not heat sensitive so there might have been some left in the beet and since I cooked them long enough to be soft I probably destroyed the heat sensitive vitamins. Which are most vitamins.
I decided to use the water from the beets in our morning smoothie. Although not full of the heat sensitive vitamins it's probably got a lot of minerals and that will be a good add. I had the greens of the beets left over. I did not cook those. These beet greens are not as tough as some greens such as chard greens, which are really tough, but I thought I would still experiment with beet greens to see what effect I would get and would we maybe get even more nutritional value from them then if we had digested them cold from the fridge. As a side note I like chard cause it's designed to be tough and as a result it lasts better in the fridge, it doesn't break down as fast because at the cellular level the cell walls are tougher. BUT - when we eat the chard we need that food to be broken down into at its cellular form so that our bodies can absorb the vitamins and minerals as well as -who knows what else- as it goes through the digestive tract.
Taking the principle of breaking down cell walls to be absorbed into our digestive systems I wondered, what if I put my beet greens in moderately warm water and soak them over night. Will that warm water break down the cellular walls hence making the nutrition more absorbable to our body? Unless I do a chemical analysis test I won't know for sure but I know the heat is not hot enough to kill the vitamins but the warm water might soften the cell walls so that in the morning they will be like a vitamin cocktail. I think I will also be able to tell by the color of the water. If there is a lot of color in the water then the plant itself has broken down at some level and is now in the water.
I did one more thing to my poor beet greens.
I put them into two different jars. In the one jar it's mostly the warm water and about an 1/8 cup of kefir and in the other jar it's just straight kefir. I know the kefir is full of enzymes which are designed to break food apart so tomorrow morning we will see what happens.
Ideally, I should keep all that on the counter to stay at room temperature. I think I might. The kefir does not need to be refrigerated and the greens will break down better in room temperature.
I need to put them into a dark location though. Cause those sensitive vitamins are destroyed by light too. Which btw is a good reason to never buy juice in clear container.
I have probably bored you to death, if you have even gotten this far. But that's what I think about in the poor old mind of mine.

 Although I take vitamins here is why I make smoothies as well taking vitamins. 

Whole foods are your best sources of vitamins and minerals. They offer three main benefits over supplements;
1. They contain a variety of the micronutrients your body needs. An orange, for example, provides vitamin C but also beta carotene, calcium and other nutrients. A vitamin C supplement lacks these other micronutrients.
2. They provide dietary fiber, which is important for digestion and can help prevent certain diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Adequate fiber intake can also help prevent constipation.
3. They contain other substances such as antioxidants which slow down the natural process that leads to cell and tissue damage.
If you depend on supplements rather than eating a variety of whole foods, you miss the potential benefits of these substances.
I see from a human stand point