Sunday, October 18, 2009

John 2

Here are some interesting bits of Bible history.

After Jesus talked to Nathanael in John 1 Jesus and His disciples WALKED about 60 miles north to the wedding at Cana - a little village high in the hills above Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee. This must have taken about three days walking time.

At the wedding the water jars were used to provide water for Jewish ceremonial cleansing. The water was to cleanse the feet of everyone who entered the house. The water was also used for hand washing before a meal. Not only did Jews wash their hands at the beginning of a meal but also between each course. If this was not done, the hands were technically "unclean". These very large jars each held 20 -30 gallons of water.

My personal favorite - When Jesus turned the water into wine not only did Jesus show He cares about the cultural traditions of every day life but when he made wine he made THE BEST wine, no second rate stuff from Him.
I guess that's what He will do with us as He transforms our lives from plain ole water to the best wine.

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Kimberly said...

3 days! Think how dirty their feet were and think how dirty those jars were (I imagine).
Eric just preached about this... while everyone at the wedding was able to enjoy the great wine and the master of the banquet got credit for a great party, as did the bridegroom, the people who were really blessed were the ones who got to see God's power... the servants.(v9)

I see from a human stand point