Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is there any more felicity then to weed in the rain?

Today, after taking a nap I got up and went outside to tackle those weeds in the gardens that had been plaguing me for months - I know that's a long time. BUT, today I went out. The weather was overcast with a warm, moist breeze. The ground looked like it had rained so I put on my ole beat up rain boots and went outside. Lovely.
God's marvelous creation was stunning. The leaves on the trees were delightful. Just a bit of creativity from the mind of a magnificent Creator. I wonder how much of that He makes for our enjoyment. He puts in us a love for beauty then He makes beauty all around us. Thank YOU wonderful Creator!

Got the weeds in the back garden. I had to wear long sleeves and long gloves because the weeds were so high. I know, terrible shame.
But, now it is weeded and I have a new plan. Don and I are low maintenance folks, involved in many things so our yard needs to be low maintenance to manage, so I am going to take the wood from around the garden that is right off of the back porch and just let the grass grow there. I will have two hydrangea bushes still and they will lend lovely color and form. I also weeded the other side garden - faithful garden. It lives even with much neglect. I am going to get garden cloth to put on it and then put mulch on top. That will keep all the weeds down. Love that garden cloth. Part of the reason I don't weed the gardens like I should is that I get such uncomfortable reactions to the bug bites. And like most of us I have this great vision of how my yard is supposed to look and when it doesn't then I get over whelmed and don't do anything at all. Now that is done next I have several bushes to transplant. Another project for another day.
Of course, as I was weeding I was reminded how our gracious God will pull sin out of our hearts. It gets all grown in there with all the other stuff. But, it's good to get it cleaned out. Unfortunately some roots are left in there and they rear their ugly weeds but with the help of the Lord we keep cleaning out the garden till one day that plant will no longer grow there. That is the same with the sin in our hearts. We keep getting renewed by the grace of God until that sin is no longer living in there.
Hallelujah what a Savior!

Although not a planting illustration Corrie Ten Boom had a great story she would tell. It was about a flashlight. Our life is the flashlight and we want to be a light for the world. Our first step is to ask Jesus into our hearts - he is the first battery. But, we are still not a light for the world, something is preventing us from being the light, we are missing the other battery. But the Lord is unable to put the battery in our flashlight (or our hearts) cause something is already in there taking up the space. As the Lord cleans out the debris in the battery compartment of the flashlight he is pulling out what is taking up the space. He pulls out things like pride, selfishness, bitterness, anger, hatred. When the Lord is able to get that out of the battery compartment it's then that He is able to put in His Spirit of love and power.
That's when we get to be a light to the world, when we are full of the love of Jesus. His love is wonderful.


Elisa Mary said...

YES! the trees and all look amazingly gorgeous! God is such a great artist.
Great Flashlight analogy, I like that.

Kimberly said...

good reminder about the weeds in our hearts continually being pulled but someday they'll stop growing.

Don said...

Mary you are awesome!!!

I see from a human stand point