Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Creator of Heaven and Earth

You know what is so simple yet so essential? PH balance. Without it the fluid and chemical changes would not happen in our body. One of the reasons vinegar works to kill the infection of a sore throat is that the vinegar changes the PH balance in the throat environment and hence the infection dies due to lack of suitable living conditions. I wonder if we could somehow find a way to adjust our bodily PH just enough to thwart cancer.


Kimberly said...

wow! I want to know so much more about this! I keep reading things here and there about ph and how the food we eat affects it so much.

Elisa Mary said...

That would be awesome if we could adjust PH enough...I wonder how big of an effect it has on bigger physical ailments.

Mary said...

You know how certain plants like different PH values in their dirt. I think that is interesting too. I always wonder how and why.
God is amazing how he made our world so FANTASTIC. Keeps giving us stuff to think about.

I see from a human stand point