Thursday, September 10, 2009

Job 40:12 Look at every proud man and humble him, crush the wicked where they stand.

I went to BSF today and I did a good job. I took Benjamin's advice, had all my stuff ready the night before. I got there on time - thank you God, had all the stuff I needed, thank you God.

I did have two embarrassing situations.

First, I forgot to turn off my phone - all of a sudden in the quiet room you hear Stevie Wonder singing "Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?" Instead of digging all in my purse cause who knows how long that would take I picked up my singing purse made a b-line to the door disturbing the whole class, and me saying "sorry oops I forgot" Of course after that I turned it off. The teaching leader was very kind and didn't glare at me.

About an hour later, my PDA goes off ... plan for dinner it beeps.
Oh my goodness!! I saw that sitting right in my purse so I was able to pull it right out and you know everyone was watching the new lady shut off her PDA and guess what was stuck to the PDA?? A pad and I don't mean a note pad. Oh my goodness!!!
I tried to handle it as tactfully as possible, acting as if I had everything under control but - come on - it was terrible.

I think they are short on discussion leaders so they will probably still keep me even though I had such a rough start.

Don't you feel sorry for me? I feel sorry for myself. Next time, phone and PDA silenced, pads tucked away in a zippered pouch.

Do you like the picture of the bluebells? Their flower symbolizes humility. (click for flower information)


Elisa Mary said...

aw, I'm so sorry for you, but truly, I understand. Now I know where I get all my embarrassing moments from ;-)

love you.

Kimberly said...

you didn't tell me about the pad... how embarrassing! At least it was all women. I'm sure they're not short on discussion leaders....

Erin Tuggle said...

Poor girl. But I'm sure you looked really cute in all your new clothes! Love you, Erin

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