Monday, September 28, 2009

Pictures by Leesi

I am starting this new week. A lot of things to do and I have thanked God because I really do like being busy and working. It's unfortunate that most of my work is volunteer so there is no monetary reward BUT, God has given me a wonderful husband that is the one responsible for allowing me to do all the my volunteer work. Don and I are thankful that there is a steady stream of survey work, and that there are young men to help him - which by the way ... I don't know if those young men realize how blessed they are - not only do they get training at a marketable skill but they get paid too. Last week I got a lot done and this week doesn't look like it's going to be any different.

The weekend was a little more packed with activities then I hoped but I'm glad I did them all. On Friday night Don took me and Leesi (Elisa's new name, given to her by Auntie Phee) to the movies. Super fun being together. Went to a dumb movie, it's called 9. Wait till it comes out to the library. I loved the animation. That part was pretty cool. What folks can do with computers now. But, I can hardly even remember the point to the story. *yawn* I did get some good gardening planning going while I was sitting in the theater though.

The next morning, Saturday morning at around 5:30 AM Leesi and I were up and getting ready to head out the door at 6:00 AM to go to a women's conference. We met several ladies in Danville then headed to Roanoke, VA. I love driving with ladies. No one is surprised or aggravated when they hear ... "Can we stop soon? Bathroom break"

We had a lovely day. We had seats in the nose bleed section. The music was good and a few speakers stood out, like Stormie O'Martin - wow, she has an incredible testimony. She talked about prayer and forgiveness. We can all use more encouragement on that.
Amy Grant was a bit of a disappointment. I'm not sure but she seemed like she was on some kind of medication. She was making lots of mistakes and used foul language on stage.

The trip home was fun. We stopped at Pizza Hut - tortured the young male waiter. He was a good sport and seemed to enjoy the ride we took him on. It didn't hurt that we had 3 very pretty young women with us. Finally, a stop to Starbucks and back on our way home again - hard rain, dangerous roads, thank you Lord for taking us home.

Next day, Sunday morning. We got up early, we were going to meet Benjamin for breakfast and give him his IPOD touch before we went to church. That young man had his phone on vibrate and as we tried to call him - TO AWAKEN him he didn't hear a thing. So, we went to breakfast without him. I, not being shy, found a young man in his dorm that went and woke up Benjamin. Finally, just like Elisa said he would do, he came through the doors to the restaurant smiled at me, gave me a hug and I forgot all about the trouble he had caused. I couldn't help it, I am a sucker for a sweet smile.

Campus church was great. Good music, Colosseum style seating. Great message. It was about healing the body of Christ. If we would take the time to love on another the body would be SO strong. Plus, he talked about church history. It was a great church.

We went home, I worked on my BSF and then at 6:00 pm we were at the church with several other folks learning about apologetics. It was a basic 101 for the first night, but I got a page of notes and I am hoping we will learn more as the time goes on.

Finally, home - went to bed to late. Up this morning, late. And now I"m fooling around on the computer. I do have the laundry going though.

This week, Monday, housework call Ethan in the afternoon Tuesday, Auntie Phees then call Zackary, Wednesday BSF leadership, Thursday, BSF with Leesi and fun coffee shop time with the other ladies, then Friday - I think I'm off Friday. Which of course does not mean off, just means we'll see what happens.

Saturday, there is an old movie theater that is going to be showing several old timey movies. I can't wait to go to that.

Proverbs 14:1

The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.


Don said...

sweetie, I am truly blessed to have you for my own.
but I do feel I must comment. If it were a carload of guys, no one would whine or complain, because no one would need to stop.
I am also looking forward to the old movies. Love Don

Kimberly said...

sounds like such a fun weekend. tell me more about the apologetics.

Hosanna said...

What's the movie theater? I love old movies and would love to see them on the big screen!!

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