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When Your Heart Is So Full

 It's amazing how the folks with the least seem to have the greatest hope. Maybe it's because they have ceased relying on themselves and have come to the point that their trust is in God, the Sovereign Lord who loves the unlovely and feeds the hungry. 

The very same God that loves us .. the unlovely and us the hungry. 

Today at church I was reminded of the heart of God. It's so easy to think we have it all figured out, to have a handle on the God of the universe. Always being so sure of what we know God is thinking or how He would handle things.
One of the things I like best about our God is that He is unknowable. His ways are not our ways. I will pray for a situation - informing God of what needs to happen and what do you know? The Lord has a plan that is completely outside anything I could have even imagined. Has that ever happened to you? 

A lot of us have been praying for Nancy and her 14 kids. 
Have you ever had your heart so moved that you are forever changed? 
That is how I feel after having known Nancy and the little bit I get to know about the 14 abandoned children. I have heard their very sad story, sadder then I can imagine. The wretched treatment from their "caregivers". 

Nancy has hope - amazing .. with her broken English she writes .. 

I was having some rest in my room reading my Bible and writing poem,as i was reading also my poem book which have written before. And have written how i have passed through and experience it, but advising people to take courage they will come out pure gold. Imagine am loving to send you my poems,and my children teachings and for women too.But i will do it over this weekend first for children before i go.After i come i will write you for women and my poems too.

Nancy explained to me the conditions which seem hopeless .. 

Otherwise,about the organizations here as Mark Fox told you about, sincerely speaking they are here but they dont help children the way its surposed to be, because have been seeing children suffering yet they belong to certain organization.
Can i tell you the truth why?
Those who are in change of the organization, when they are sent donors and money to help them,they take the advantage of it and they use them for their own benefits and not the children.

Children are left to suffer there there alone, and when you can go there you meet them that they dont have good healthy, no good clothes, food is also the problem, because the vision fell to the wrong hands.

So you meet the owners have big business and they have buit good houses using the money for needy children. Some of the project they have been geting closed and finished because nobody trusted found to project.

And as for my heart this has been making my heart feel troubled and suffering in my heart because of the needy children when i see how they are being treated.

And there God gave me the vision for the needy poor children to care for them the way am capable of,

though there is lack and having. I keep carrying on.

And we will also cook food for the children and the guest,who will be treating the children. 
I went back Meru to see children because some of them i was told that they are not feeling well,and i had to go and see them.
And we played with them,
danced Gospel songs. 
story telling.and others could make fun and laugh very, very much, and finally we prayed for each other God to make a way for them to get helped so that they can go to school.

From another note - it must be the Holy Spirit that sustains her

Thanks very much to hear from you and my heart is very much greatful for that.Yes,God is our heaven father,who gives at us.

And my heart is very much sure that he is going to open a way out for me and the children 

and as well as you for your coming here.
Funny enough is that God uses anything to bless our lives,and nobody can be against it.Dont you believe in that Mary?
Yes,have read the verse you have given me Psalm 56,whole of it,and it has really moved my heart so much it has reminded me many past things.

People trying to tell me that Nancy, you will not make it.
Trying to show me discauragement and giving bad report on downfall to the children as well as my own life too.

But i never listened to the sideways voices, only listening to God,s voice.

And i started making it and going on.That verse for sure has a deep impact in us, even our own friends can promise us empty promises wanting to let us down. And thats why we are always insisted to prayers, and God can reveal us all things. So God is good all the time, and he will forever be good. But,the devil is bad, and it will always forever be bad.

Amen Nancy. 


Regarding our opportunity to bless the children and be a support to Nancy by buying shoes

I talked to Mark Fox who has been a faithful brother to the body of Christ in Kenya, I told him what I thought was the Lord's idea about the shoes. Mark had a suggestion that I take to be from the Lord,  that instead of purchasing the shoes in the United States, we bless the struggling business owners in Kenya. I was told that the unemployment rate is around 70% and what to us is a small contribution of shoes .. to them would be a great blessing. 
I wrote to Nancy that idea and this is what she wrote back: 

Thanks so much to hear from you and am very much happy for that. Hoping your all fine and doing well there please. As for me and children here, we are fine and doing well. 
Yesterday we had good time where 

we all prayed for you there and the other 14 families as a whole and also your church. 

We also read the word of God, and i had to ask them some questions to see if they can get and keep remembering. In fact they are catching up very well and almost everybody is able to write his or her names.

Otherwise as per that idea you talked with Mark Fox in fact it is very good, because it could maybe take long to reach the package of shoes here like maybe one or two months according maybe the weight of them. Well, as for tennis shoes per pair a good one is 2000 ksh from the shop. And those shoes can stay for a long time, because it is the original one. And its like 25 dollars per pair into your currency. But you can check it also.

The plan will be to send $25 cash for each pair of shoes to be purchased. 

For those of you that the Lord has called to be part of the shoe blessing send the money to 

Mary Abele c/o Antioch Community Church 

1600 Power Line Road
North Carolina

by September 10, 2010 

I would like to add another thought to sending the money. One of the things that Nancy likes best from me is my words of encouragement. Up until now I have never talked about giving her anything and yet her desire is for me to write her often. What that tells me is that her spirit needs love and encouragement.
So, if Nancy's spirit needs words of love how much more the children. If you feel led, what if you prayed and asked the Lord to help you pick out one of those little children to write a note of love to. It does not have to be some really dynamic, life changing word from God but rather a simple note saying that someone on the other side of the earth is praying for them and cares about them and the Lord God Almighty did not make any mistakes or forget about them.

I will tell you my true hope and I know this is a really big one ... my hope is that the Lord will use Nancy to start of God honoring orphanage right there in Meru.

That the Lord will raise up men and women that love those people for whom the Lord God loves - those little children He has created. That He knit together in their mother's womb. The little ones that are fearfully and wonderfully made by our loving God.

Yep, that is my hope. Maybe you would like to pray with me that God would put His hand on that idea - or more importantly that the hope of the orphanage is God's idea and that we as His people can join Him in His plan.

I would love to hear from you. Let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions or ideas.

May the Glory of God shine bright in their lives.

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