Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shoes for 14 Children

 Nancy has been praying to the God she loves and trusts for many years. He has taken her from the streets to having her own home and He has instilled in her a strong desire to love and protect the abandoned street children of Meru.

Here is a poem that talks about her journey and it's a glimpse into the lives of the children she cares for today.

  1. Brother, Sister, Are you my real brother? And as for you my sister? Ne….ver to know was my birth. Yes, my coming to earth. Never the less, after the great Meru mission crusade, I gave my life to Christ. And now, am born again. Made up of one body, baptized into one spirit. But oh..oh my!! Nobody seems to consider me.
    And to heaven I belong. 
  1. I could be a king on earth, yes, a rich man, even, a poor man, anything I came, but from where? Homes of the rich, the poor, Yes, from mother and fathers like you.
    And to heaven I belong.  
  1. Tap, Tap, Tap. Sometimes bare foot. Yes! Very bare, on mud and dirts. Along the verandahs, the back street. Yes! You can hear me yell. Whatever they use as their dust bin, that’s my plate. Whatever they thro was their rejects, that’s my precious meal. And where they wipe their muddy shoes, that’s my bed
And to heaven I belong. 
  1. Tattered are my clothes, bodies with oil and smelling. Oh…the street kids. Without parental care. Society care and even governmental care. Without a roof over my head. The colder it is, the colder I feel. The hotter it is the hotter I feel. Not to forget the trouble some rain, which floods my habitants.
And to heaven I belong. 
  1. My stomach rubbles, and there is in no one to care, care, for the street kid. Town kid or village kid, I am the street kid. For how long shall I suffer in this calamitis without peace and joy? Cast your burden unto the lord. Yes! And he shall give me his right yoke.
And to heaven I belong. 
  1. Ah…..ah……….ah! Did you hear that? They are all mocking me. But am encouraged to continues pressing on. For in due times, I shall receive my rewards. And my troubles shall be no more
And to heaven I belong. 
  1. Ladies, gentleman, Brothers, Sister. You and you. Aren’t we one body in Christ? When one part suffers, every part suffers with it. And when one part is honoured, every part rejoices with it. Extend my concerned to the desperate boys and girls on the street. And my God shall bless you.
And to heaven I belong. 

After I read that I think the Lord brought an idea to my head - when Nancy talked about their bare feet and she talked about being cold it occurred to me, there are only 14 children - 
we could at least buy them a pair of solid tennis shoes. Not to expensive less they get stolen but not cheap ones that will fall apart in no time. 

I emailed the idea to Nancy, her first impulse was to pray and ask the Lord if that was from Him. In her heart she was encouraged, saying that yes, it is an idea from the Lord. 
She sent me their names with their shoe sizes 

Nancy wrote to me ... 

Well,as per your idea, i love it very much,because i didnt know if the holy spirit could have directed you to the same way to those 14-children.God is surely using your heart towards my direction too.And i love that.Otherwise i saw your email in the afternoon time,and i went to pray for the issue first and after that,i went to take the sizes for the children shoes.Am now in Meru please.Here is the sizes for each of them according to their names.

1.VIRGINIA KARIMI  SIZE 25 (8.5 American) , 3YRS.

2.VALENTINE NKIROTE SIZE 23 (6.5 American) , 4YRS.

3.ALEX MUGAMBI  SIZE 23 (6.5 American), 4YRS.

4.EVANS MURITHI SIZE 25 (8.5 American) , 3YRS.

5.JOY MUKIRI  SIZE 10 (size 11 American) 5YRS.


7.DENIS MUTUMA SIZE 10 (11 American) 6YRS.

8.LINDA MWENDWA SIZE 11 (12 American)  9YRS.

9.BECHAM MUNENE SIZE 13 (1 American) 7YRS.

10.BRIDGET MWENDWA SIZE 1 (2 American) 10YRS.



13.INNOCENT KOOME SIZE 13 (1.5 American) 6YRS.

14.JOY KARWITHA SIZE 11 (12 American)  8YRS.

Otherwise this will help you find the fixing size of the shoes since have given you their age.
Please God bless your heart very much and hoping to hear from you very soon please.
Much love and blessings to you,

That's where everything stands now. My next step is to gather 14 pair of shoes.


Elisa Mary Abele said...

Oh wow!! That poem is so intense and dynamic!! Thank you for your heart, mom, that reaches out to Nancy and her kids. God is really blessing them through you! And I can't wait to see what happens next! :)

arfarr said...

Thank you Mary. "one step at a time" we'll be shipping some shoes and include some money to send them to Kenya. I will be praying for Nancy and her children.


Kimberly said...

What is benson's size in American?

Kimberly said...

and brenda...

I see from a human stand point