Sunday, August 15, 2010

News from Nancy

In response to the plan of sending these 14 abandoned children a pair of shoes I got an email from Nancy telling me how excited the kids are and I thought I would pass it on to you.

I am looking for people that want to buy a pair of shoes. I have several folks that are committed to buy a pair, let me know if you would like to buy a pair and I will start a name list. Then in a couple days I will let you know what size to buy.

How exciting to be used by God to bless little children!!

Hi Mary,

Please thanks very much to hear from you and am very much happy about it.Otherwise am fine and doing well here with the children.In fact as i talked to them about shoes,they felt very much happy about,and good enough is that they started prayed for you there,since have been teaching them in the first place how to pray.

They keep saying please lets pray for Mary in America so that we will get shoes,because many of us have never put on shoes.In fact it is very true Mary,and we have prayers here for you and the 14 families,who will buy shoes for these lovely children here.

Yes,buying tennis shoes is okay with that,and the shoes which have Velcro,is more better for them,because some are very young to tie up the laces.Its going to be easier for them in that way.Otherwise am very grateful and lets the love of God bless you mightily and the people there.Tomorrow it will be the day i will meet with the children.i does that 4days a week,and we learn many things with them,including sports.We now meets Mondays,Wednesdays,Fridays and 
surtandays,and we finishes afternoon time.

God is Good,and very much good.Hoping to hear from you very soon.
All my love and blessings to you,

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