Thursday, August 05, 2010

My New Friend

Our spoiled dog Daisy May
I live in a small town of North Carolina. I have a wonderful husband, a quiver full of wonderful family and a spoiled dog. I have a home in the woods that has a pond with a dock. In the morning I awaken in my comfortable bed, come out to the kitchen and have an expected, predictable, dependable cup of coffee and start my day.
I guess you could say I live a charmed life.

As I walk along I notice there is this common theme in my life, a malady that I tend to, take care of, nurture. I find that I see the world - as it concerns me, I see life from how it impacts me.

Often the Lord brings new thoughts and concepts into my life and bumps up against that world view of "I am the center" and I come to realize that somehow in the distance .. real small like, there is more to life then me.

I know, it's a shocker. Whod'a thought?
But outside my mind, outside the walls of my home, outside this little town I live in there is a whole world full of people and issues.

The Lord has done it again. He has opened my world beyond myself.

It's my new friend Nancy. She lives in Nairobi Kenya. She is a single woman, 20 years old - loving 14 poverty stricken children. She has very little income but every day she awaken to another day of struggle to supply for herself as well as those the Lord has brought into her care.

Her faith in the Lord is amazing. All I ever read in her email is praise to the Lord. She has experienced homelessness and abandonment but still she hopes. Hopes for God to help her care for the abandoned little children the Lord brings to her. 

Here is a picture of their sweet, happy faces. 

I studied a little bit about Kenya and it looks like a regular city.

They have housing similar to ours 

I wasn't exactly sure where Kenya was, I knew it was in Africa on the east side, up around the middle so I looked up some map info. 

They have a different type of wildlife then we do, a lot of the pictures were about rhinos. I wonder if rhinos there are the same as elk or antelope here. 

There is a different side to Kenya .. 
This is the bus station. 

and here is where the homeless abandoned children live 

There is a stark difference between the two sides of Kenya. 
It's hard to imagine because here in the United States our poor are housed in air conditioned homes, they get free food and medical care. 
It's hard to understand the reality of these pictures. It's so easy to live in our world and be comfortable. 

I have been praying for Nancy, she and her 14 children. 
I wrote this hoping that maybe you will pray for Nancy too. 
She has asked me to come over to Kenya to visit. That is a huge thought for me. 
We'll see what the Lord provides. 

Yesterday she took one of the little children to the dr. and he got needed medicine but a lot of his condition was a  result of malnutrition. 
What we take for granted - they live without - as a common way of life.

Where do I go from here? I will continue to encourage Nancy. I have asked the Lord what He would have me do. My first inclination is to try to solve all the problems. I still want to do that. 
But I have to wait for instruction from the Lord. 

Nancy wrote a poem and it shows her heart . This is written in English, her second language. 


  1. When we face various trails,
When we suffer afflictions in life,
When the heavens are silence,
During our times of darkness,
We offer ask ourselves;
For how long will the night last,
We should never be discouraged,
It’s just for a little.

  1. When enemies persecute you,
When friends betrays you,
When relatives rejects you,
When all stand against you,
Emmanuel still God with you,
We ask ourselves,
For how long will the night last?
Wait patiently on the lord,
It’s just for a little while.

  1. When your business is going under,
When you lose your job,
When your bank account is empty,
During times of lack, Jehovah jireh cares for you. We ask ourselves.
For how long will the night last?
Be anxious for nothing.
It’s just for a little while.

  1. When your darkness seems to worsen,
Know that your dawn is approaching.
After suffering for a little while, Know that you will come out as pure gold, when the lord light your darkness,
We ask ourselves, for how long wills the night last.
Watch and be constant in prayer,
It’s just for a little while.

Isn't that amazing? Isn't her faith wonderful? 
She continually looks to the Lord even though the night is dark. 

Nancy has great hopes that the Lord will care for her and the children. I am remembering Mother Theresa. The Lord brought things to her from unexpected places. 
Yesterday a lady came up to Nancy and gave her a bag of clothes for the children. Nancy was SO happy. It was an answer to her prayers. The Lord provided clothes for the children. 
How exciting to be watching the Lord move in the life of this brave, faithful young woman. 

If you have any words of encouragement for her I would be glad to send them along to her. 

Psalm 143:1 

O LORD, hear my prayer, listen to my cry for mercy; in your faithfulness and righteousness
come to my relief


Anonymous said...

that is such a powerful poem. i hope we all can be as faithful as she is.

Elisa Mary Abele said...

WONDERFUL!! She's such an awesome woman! I love the poem - soo very inspiring. Let's go to Africa and visit her!

Kimberly said...

inspiring! How do you know her?

Cindy said...

Good post, Mary! Thanks for the pictures and maps.

Mary said...
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Mary said...

Thanks everyone, yes Cindy is amazing.
Kimberly, I know her through our new pastor
Mark Fox.

Trish said...

Blessed my heart reading your thoughts and Nancy's poem! Thanks so much for sharing and I will pray for Nancy!

Bonnie said...

WOW How stupid and sad is my petty complaining? Loved this Mary I too will pray for our sweet sister in Kenya!!!

Mary said...

Thank you for praying. I am thinking the Lord might be giving me an idea of a way to bless Nancy and the children.
But, I need to correct my previous comment
I said that Cindy is amazing.
Little confusion there - long day.
What I meant to say is .. Nancy is amazing (although Cindy is certainly amazing too) but Nancy is amazing and I know her through my pastor at church.

Betty Lou said...

Mary, thanks so much for this article & poem. I am putting Nancy on my Prayer List! Keep us posted on
your ideas & how we may can help!

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