Sunday, January 10, 2010

Find out what the Lord is doing and join Him.

I have had the opportunity to meet some young people. I don't know their life stories but if appearances are a clue it seems like they have many things to overcome. I can imagine their difficulties. Probably full time working parent, lots of MTV, hanging with the friends of the neighborhood and public school.

There is a group of folks in Caswell County that are caring about those young souls. Every Sunday evening those folks give up their warm family dinner of roast beef, choose to miss the latest, coolest football game and instead open up the doors to the gym.
The caring people have gone to the expense to provide a large van, filled it with gas and go around different neighborhoods looking for any kids that want to come play, learn about Jesus and have some dinner. The caring folks will have already prepared the gym. It's warm, clean and full of play equipment. They have chairs set out, upbeat Christian music. There are plates of food, cups for drinks and napkins and paper towels for the inevitable spills.
I think those caring people love Jesus. I think they are loving who Jesus loves.

Their prepared lessons are presented patiently, looking past the little noisy distractions and faithfully speaking the Word of God.
The children run into the gym with big smiles, receiving the warm reception they expect. And at the end, after many games of basketball, ping pong and four square, and most importantly, stories about Jesus, they pack up those same smiles and head to the van taking a bit of sunshine with them into the rest of their week. Looking forward to next Sunday evening when ... the gym doors will be opened.


Anonymous said...

ah such a very nice place to be. :) and its very nice to see such shining happy faces :)

Kimberly said...

love this. what a picture of loving who Jesus loved, not asking anything in return. cool

Elisa Mary said...

Wonderful! I am so thankful to see these people in action - they are truly part of something bigger than themselves.

I see from a human stand point