Saturday, February 05, 2011

It's Actually Love

If you were to look at my counter you would see clutter. 

I see hearts, it's my "thing". I saw this cord in the shape of a heart.

I had a moment of introspection.
If you were to know about the clutter on my counter you would see it represents love haven been given to us. 


The skinny black cord that is in the shape of the heart 
is part of a tag. 
The tag was taken off of a gift, a candle. 

Next, you see blue ear buds. Benjamin being so generous gave them to me to use cause he knows I love listening to music so much. 

The popcorn seems like it should be insignicant but it's not. It was a gift of love for us to be able to eat, enjoy and relax.

The big brown basket came to us from hearts full of love and support  ... in it were such things as vitamins, lotions, 
teas and candles.
It came from the Dienstfreis. They filled it, 
Savannah decorated it beautifully 
and Cathy delivered it to us.

In the background you see brown, plastic vitamin bottles. Those are daily words of encouragement and love from Kimberly and Ben. The vitamins are exceptional and really strengthened Don 
before he progressed in his treatments to the point of 
not being able to swallow. 
They are really expensive but because of 
Kimberly's association with DoTerra 
she is able to get them to us for free.  

Lastly, the Bible under the notebook. 
That was my Christmas gift from Don and the kids. Pretty sweet. 


It has a bad wrap, but from my perspective it's proof of a life lived. 
And in our case .. it's proof of love. 

Without the oxen the stable stays clean ...
Proverbs 14:4


Dee Dee said...

Aw, love it! You are so right. The things we bemoan are so often things we should be giving thanks for. Love you!

Elisa Mary Abele said...

Wow! this is spectacular! I love seeing things in a new light like that :)

Hosanna said...

Love your perspective. :)

I see from a human stand point