Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Maybe Ginger and Honey

I am sad to say that my stock did not gel. I don't think I cooked it long enough. So sad. I'm sure there is still good in it.
It will be back to the cooking pot for me!

We did use the chicken last night- made wonderful chicken veggie tortillas. mmm

The beautiful chickens Erin and Ethan had. 

I did a "god thing" on Sunday. I cut up tons of veggies, boiled eggs, opened up some beans and am now using them this week. I store them in mason jars in the fridge so it looks really pretty too. Even Benjamin likes going in the fridge and take out handfuls of fresh green beans and chomp them down.

It's amazing what you can get done when you stay home. Maybe there is a concept for me to catch there .. mm?     Probably not.

Today Don is mucasy and nauseated .. but he is drinking water and maybe his medicine is staying down. This morning I made him the ONLY thing he is willing to eat - and he reminds me of that anytime I try to give him something new - a raw milk, Bryers Natural Vanilla ice cream, and Gold Standard protein smoothie - plus some things I can usually sneak in .. like a couple vitamins or today .. a tablespoon of kefir.

There are pros and cons to what I give him in that shake. One pro is the amazing amount of nutrition and protein. He's getting babies milk fresh from the cow,which is full of so much good nutrition - the protein powder and the small amount of vitamins - with the milk he is getting fats. He seems to digest cows milk well enough so I think it's a good food for him.

Negative is .. very little, if no whole food. Food with any kind of pulp for his body to send through his digestive system. I was thinking about putting in a small slice of apple, I have frozen apple slices with the banana chunks so it's a good add to a smoothie but he was adamant this morning that he just wanted his regular smoothie. I think I might be able to get some blueberries in there next time, he likes those.

And lastly, a big negative is that milk products are mucus producing .. grr .. boy does that ever put me in a bad place. This smoothie is the only thing he wants to eat and he doesn't want to eat cause the mucas in so neasuating. So, round and round we go.

I am just biding my time. Keeping him alive for his throat to heal. Then, I will have a little more chance to try new things.

One thing he is willing to try is fresh ginger in green tea with honey. Today he had a half teaspoon.
Right now he is at the table with me, head down on the table. No energy, not well.
He scoffed at my continual effort to "Let's try this" He said .. "Easy for you to say" Here is a picture of the ginger, tea and honey. After sitting with his head on the table for about 10 min. and with encouragement from me. He drank it. How much was that? A tablespoon? Two tablespoons? I didn't measure. Now we are waiting to see if it stays down or helps relieve his nausea.


Elisa Mary Abele said...

You do such a good job :)

Mary said...

Thank you Sweet Elisa. I love you.

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