Sunday, September 26, 2010

Salt Lake Fun

Day 10 

Getting out of the van .. we have the wagon and the lunches and the cameras

Papa and Grammy love Zackary and Henry 

Taking after his mom and his Papa, Zackary checks the map 
to get an idea of where we are going to be  going

Here we go .. 

Happy mom. Lucy loves the sling. Kimberly loves the sling, she is able to wrap Lucy in there and go full speed ahead - ready to take care of her mobile kids.


We saw an elephant show. Very cool.

There he goes again - checking that map, making sure we are on track.

Here Kimberly is describing the map of the new zoo plans

Henry found the survey points

Holding Grams hand

Beautiful Utah sky and mountains

Henry is showing us hats available at the gift shop. 
Which do you like best?

Grubby little hands reaching for his train ticket

Finally! The train ride. 

Lucy gets a little sun and her diaper changed. 

Cool water globe

Trying to be cool like Elisa and take a picture of amazing Chris and I when we spent a couple hours together. 

Later that night, we had the fam over .. MORE pizza
Domino's - pretty good. 

Aunt Donna (my sister) 

Uncle Doug ( Don's brother) 

Uncle Don and Damen 

Uncle Mike (Don's brother) 

Afterward we played  
Beyond Balderdash
 It's a new version that is really fun 

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