Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fun in Salt Lake

Day 6 

The boys and I had a great morning. We got up and out early. 
The weather is wonderful, 
the beginning of fall is in the early, cool morning. 

We drove to a great park. This park has a late 1800's theme to it. There are many wooden buildings with stairs to climb up, windows to look out, slides to slide down. There is a ship on the Mississippi. You can get a hair cut at the Barber or you can go the stable to get your horse shod. 

I followed Henry up and down and all around. It was a lovely morning. 

If I were still homeschooling this would be an ideal place to have some history come alive. 

Then we went to Wendy's. You know how much fun that is. I especially liked it when I had to climb up the equipment to get Henry cause he said "NO!" he did not want to come down. 

In the afternoon we were to have a visit with Kathryn, Wanda and her girls. 
So, while Henry was napping Zackary and I made some banana bread. MMM it was good. We all ate the whole loaf. 

Here is Wanda talking to Kimberly - 
The kids were all sitting, ready to listen to a story read by Kim. 

Can't forget Lily - she is a good girl


Kathryn and new baby Lauren Jane.
Lauren is SO cute, love all that hair. 


 Kids (and Wanda) listening to Kim read a new book
Kennedy has the long blonde hair, Emma has the pretty bow
 and of course we know our own dear Zackary.

 Nana and Lauren

Grammy reads and reads to Zackary

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