Monday, October 04, 2010

Back Home From Salt Lake

The last day with our Salt Lake Family was bittersweet. 

Normally, I will pack the day before I have to go so I am ready. But on that Monday we didn't need to be at the airport till noon so of course ... I had LOTS of time. 
Or so I thought. 

I was awakened early by Zackary telling me we had to pack. Oh thanks I thought, he's right, I do need to pack but what he meant was that I needed to help him pack HIS bags cause of the fun
 plans we had made.

You see, Zackary and I were going to drive across country with Uncle Benj, Aunt Elisa and Ben.
The plan was to drive all night - play all day - eat macaroni and cheese at every meal and the hotels were to have pools and most importantly - hot tubs.

Uncle Benj wasn't really going to come so I didn't think Zackary was REALLY planning on going. 
But early that morning, with only one sleepy eye opened I realized he wanted to go with us to North Carolina. 

I tell you what .. if I had the money, I would buy tickets for me to fly to Utah, pick him up then he and I fly back to NC and then after about a week - he and I fly back to Salt Lake for me to take him home. 

We do have a fun thought thought .. The Belchak's are coming for Thanksgiving!! YAHOO!!!

To get back to my original post .. I woke up on Monday morning, thought I had time to do laundry. I fooled around till it was a half hour before we had to go! 
I grabbed the damp laundry out of the dryer. Don did a magical job of getting it all back into my little suitcase. We stuffed stuff here and there. Made sure I had my license and ticket and off we went. 
We made it to the airport ON TIME. Amazing. 

Don and I have a wonderful flight home. I love sitting by him. I love traveling with him. 
We played scrabble on my touch. I read my stuff, he read his stuff. And we were just happy to be together. Even if it was the BACK of the plane. 

We were picked up by Benj and Ben. Had a late night drive home. 

When we got home, Elisa had cleaned the house, the lights were low and the music was lovely. 
On top of all that - Elisa bought welcome home gifts for Don and I. There in our cleaned room, on our made bed were the gifts from Elisa. 

Lots of hugs and "I missed you so much" we settled down and finally went to bed. 

The end of a wonderful trip to Salt Lake. 

But - I cry often times. Missing my little ones in Salt Lake. I try to remember that God is sovereign but sometimes that isn't enough. It will never be enough. I want all my children by me all the time. 
But if I can't have that I will thank God for the precious time I do have. 
it was 

Fun in Salt Lake. 

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