Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I was just there

Salt Lake City is an amazing city. It's 1.2 million people and growing. The land is desert. Most people are in their late 20's, it has the highest literacy rate in the US, the roads are based on a grid system so you can always find your way. They have great cultural opportunities .. plays, concerts, museums - most reasonably priced for families.

It's a different world from here in North Carolina. A few things .. the folks are different. It seems to be much more family oriented. There are many activities for families and kids are everywhere.

The Mormon's have family home evening on Monday nights. I really respect that. The level of commitment to "family home evening" varies by family but how seriously it's taken by the family -it seems- the more respect that family is given by their peers.

 It's one of those things you know you are supposed to do but it takes time and effort and it's easier to skip it. If you go to place like skating rinks you will see "Monday night family special discounts" It's all over the valley.
There seems to be a lot more soccer moms in Salt Lake then here. In NC we seem to have moms and dads both working rather then one of them staying home to run the home.

It's not as diverse as here in North Carolina. In Salt Lake you are probably white and Morman and if not that then you are white and non Morman and after that comes the Mexican population. I think there are a lot more Mexican's in Salt Lake then there are here in NC. Which is an interesting thought cause that means they would be bringing a Catholic influence. The city is about 50% Morman but the outskirts are much higher, maybe 70 or 80% Morman.

Salt Lake City is incredibly crowded. The whole valley is about covered with houses or buildings and some really great kid parks. There are many homes but our Mormon friends do such a good job creating order and planning long term. They tend to look into the future pretty well. They have wonderful stores, malls and restaurants. Whatever you want to buy you can probably find it. Pick about any restaurant - it's there. There are a lot of business offices in Salt Lake. I don't see a lot of production warehouses instead new buildings designed for meetings and planning.

The mountains deserve every bit of praise they get. From the valley floor looking up at them, seeing the snow caps or from the top looking out it's beautiful. I used to LOVE going to the mountains. Several times a year our family would gather at Storm Mountain, about a 20 min.drive - and have a pot luck breakfast. Grandma was there as well as aunts, uncles, cousins. Great memories. We would have pancakes cooked on the grill, bacon or sausage sweet rolls or whatever folks would bring. Coffee, juice. It would always include a mtn hike and a visit to Little Cottonwood Canyon stream.

If I were to compare Salt Lake to Raleigh it would have a lot of the same things. Except that history in Raleigh is not Mormon. You get all kinds of history as well as Christian history, like the Morovians.
I think Salt Lake is a better planned city then Raleigh but I'm telling you, I love the Christian influence in Raleigh.

There are so many green spaces for hiking, biking in Raleigh, lakes and ponds. Lots of wildlife.
 Great malls, any thing you want to buy is available. Plus, I LOVE the farmers market. Wow! Tons of local stuff to buy all year long.
Raleigh has it's own fair share of troubles some we need to really get a hold of, but I guess that is true in each area.

It's interesting to travel, to see so many different people. To see the world is much bigger then my simple little world of Caswell County and Danville VA.
Who knows where my next trip will be .. I have some fun ideas but for now I think I am just going to STAY home for awhile.

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Elisa Mary said...

Interesting post!

I also found it impacting to come home and see how small our little world is, especially when compared to all the many people in Salt Lake City, all the people at the airports...traveling, going places...it amazes me how big the world truly is.

I see from a human stand point