Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beth Moore teaches the book of Daniel

Our Daniel DVD by Beth Moore was very encouraging. Her stories and humor make it fun but she isn't fooling around when it comes to God's Word.

In her own personal style she took us through history to the present time showing us the mighty hand of God. Using Babylon as an example of our present day cultural experience, Beth challenges us to rise to the occasion and stand firm in our faith just like Daniel did. He broke out of the mold of the multitude and continued to live as the Lord had taught him. Beth reminded us that Satan likes to use comfort to lull us into passivity and this Babylon we are living in now gives us plenty of opportunity to be comfortable. She showed us how sovereign God is and that even in this culture of over indulgence we have been assigned to live here now and continue to be used by God to further His kingdom.

A couple points she made:

* We are to make a mark here for the Kingdom of God.
*Babylon symbolizes self will.
* the verse that addresses it Isaiah 47: 8, 10
* We get comfortable then we become captive and nothing is more dangerous then friendly captivity. Importantly, captivity never remains friendly.
* We are to be like Daniel and resolve not to defile ourselves.

So join us on Thursday, Abeles home, 7:00 pm.

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