Sunday, May 03, 2009

BoldThe Ten Commandments

Number one we've just begun,
God should be first in your life.

Number two, the idol rule,
those graven images aren't nice.

Number three, God's name should be,
never spoken in jest.

Number four the Sabbath's for our
worship and our rest.

Number five, we all should strive,
to honor father and mother.

Number six, don't get your kicks,
from killin one another.

Number seven, life is heaven,
when you're true to your mate.

Number eight, don't steal or break this rule,
for goodness sake.

Number nine, don't be the kind that
goes around telling lies.

Number ten, don't covet when you see
your neighbors house or wife.

That's the list and God insists
we stay away from these sins.

That is why we memorize commandment
one through ten.

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